assistant professor

University of Copenhagen

Since 2010 I have a regular teaching obligation (two seminars a year). I taught courses at both the University of Bern (CH) and the University of Konstanz (GER) for Bachelor and Master students, whereby the focus lies on seminars for advanced Bachelor students. All courses were taught in German. My teaching covers a variety of topics based on my research focus during my PhD and my work in the collaborative EU project on youth unemployment in Europe. The main topics thereby were race and ethnicity, attitudes towards immigrants, cultural foundations of economic and political behaviour as well as general societal challenges of disadvantaged groups. The average seminar size varied between 20 and 30 students. A full teaching portfolio is available on request.

Courses at the University of Copenhagen

  • The Politics of Immigration
  • The Political Legacies of War
  • Methods 1, Methods 2 - single lectures within the methods teaching

Courses at the University of Southern Denmark

  • Political Psychology
  • Ethnic and Gender Discrimination in European Societies

Courses at the University of Bern

  • Aspects of Political Psychology
  • Attitudes towards Immigrants in International Comparison
  • Politics of Immigration: Multiculturalism, Transnationalism, and National Identity
  • Political and Cultural Values in Switzerland
  • Attitudes Towards Immigrants and Immigration in Switzerland
  • Political and Cultural Foundations of Economy
  • Politics, Culture, and Economy
  • Research Design in Comparative Politics
  • Immigrants in Switzerland
  • Preparation and Assistance for the "Ringvorlesung" Course of Lectures of all Department Professors

Courses at the University of Konstanz

  • Empirical Tolerance Research
  • Diversity, Trust, and Tolerance -- New Challenges for Modern Civil Societies?
  • Introduction to Political Sociology
  • Teaching assistant for the lecture Comparative Politics
  • Teaching assistant for Introduction to Data Analysis with R